Accessory Work(S) Seminar - Muscle Pit - Perth, Australia

Accessory Work(S) Seminar - Muscle Pit - Perth, Australia

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Corrective exercise is one thing…

But, exercising correctly, well that becomes the difference between good lifters and great lifters, good trainers and great trainers, good practitioners and great practitioners.

This seminar focuses on the principles of injury prevention, risk maangement and biomechanics around the most common gym lifts, and how to implement practical strategies of avoiding injury all together by proper technique execution, as well as informed accessory movement selection.

A unique mix of research, clinical experience and real world application makes this seminar a must for anyone looking to get strong, and stay strong.

Location: Muscle Pit, 25 Crawford St, Cannington WA 6107, Australia

Date/Time: Friday March 23rd, 2018 6.30pm