Barbell Technician Level One - Portland, Maine

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Barbell Technician is a unique learning experience for lifters, trainers and clinicians alike. This course brings together a methodical approach to training that allows for infinite scale of progress from the very beginner, to world champion.

Created by Jay Nera, Paul Oneid and Jordan Shallow to bridge the gap between empirical evidence and real world application. The dynamic and interactive curriculum places a heavy emphasis on proper preparation, screening, execution and programing for long term progress. Every BT course includes a full lifting breakout session, which allows students to solidify their conceptual knowledge with a barbell in hand. Our breakout session gives students the opportunity to share a barbell with the instructors to help clarify any finer details.

Date: Saturday August 18th 10am-5pm

Location:  Jacked and Jilled,184 Main Street South Portland, Maine 04106